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Special Owners Needed

Over the years, some cats have been continually passed over.   It’s sad, but true.

We have 5 and 6 year old cats that have never experienced a real home.  Some came to us shy, while many were outgoing.  Most have lived only with their foster, many of whom have very busy lives.  Between work, family and life in general, there is often little time left for individual attention.  ”too many cats, too little time”

Most of these cats will simply need time to adjust. Others will not be good for families and loud noises, but they all deserve a home of their own.

If you are the type of cat person who wouldn’t mind if the cat hid for months, or isn’t particularly snuggly, please consider adopting one, maybe two of our special babies.

Who knows, after awhile your new addition might just become the perfect companion for you.  They just need a chance

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